Aug. 15th 2017

Racing news

 We had a great time Sunday with a good turnout! Steve Maizer, Dominic I., Scooby, Tom Lane…. it all makes for a fun day! Good to see new racer Greg Harmer with his dad out to race his Slash. He did very well  for his time. Note that when you’re starting out, check out tires that work on our track. We forget to mention that sometimes and realize the stock tires usually are for running in our back yard instead of  racing. Greg adapted though, and is also running a 2wd. Which is a bit harder than a 4wd. Unfortunately he broke and didn’t get to run his mains. Hope to see him back again.

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped out! Hope to see you all Saturday!



Don’t forget our 31st annual “Eastern States Challenge” trophy race is coming up Labor Day weekend. Saturday is 1/10th scale, Sunday 1/8th. A flyer can be found on our Facebook page and at R/C Tech’s forum, under Mid Atlantic Racing; Family Hobbies Raceway. Should be a great event! Get some track time in now while we race weekly on Saturdays.


We are having a lot of fun this year with our Saturday races. We’ve met some new racers and are enjoying watching their progress. If you’re interested in racing, stop by some Saturday and see what it’s all about.

Thanks everyone!



There will be no more oval here due to lack of interest. So we will just be running off road on Saturday’s.


Check out the schedule page for information about times, classes, entry fees and basic rules. R/C racing is a family hobby. We have parents with their kids who race together and get to spend time learning skills and many racers who just want a day to forget about their daily work schedule. We try very hard to give back a fun day.

*People sometimes want to pay money to run on our track (Family Hobbies Raceway). Sorry, but we do not do that. We work on our track every day to get it race ready. If you’re a racer, you’ll appreciate the condition of the track when you get there. Even after the season is over we still do not allow practice. The track surface goes through a freezing thawing process which makes the track very loamy and the piping gets brittle.


 Novice class.  A lot of people ask about this class and the rules. They can run what they have, provided it’s a vehicle that fits into one of the regular classes, in case there aren’t enough to run separately, they will be put into a regular class. Therefore they have to have a similar truck or car. Again, if you’re thinking of racing, check out the track you want to race at and buy the vehicle that fits into one of their classes. Most novices start out with a short course truck. They’re durable and can get around. Whatever you get, make sure you can get parts for it.



Note: You must now have an AMB/MyLaps personal transponder (2 or 3 wire will work) to race at our track or at many others. We do not sell or rent transponders. Check on line for one or go to AMB’s website. Make sure it’s compatible with R/C Scoring Pro software.

Note: When you put your transponder in your vehicle, make sure it is flat, not on its side.